Yesterday was a Make-Up Artist’s favourite event-day of the year: HALLOWEEN*

A day full of wounds, messy-blood-filled fun. I had a blast!

Stephanie and I tried out our newest attainment: Silicone for wound-making.

First up was Sarah Jane. On her we did a beauty look in Gold and Red Lips as she dressed up as a devil and wore a pretty little lacey mask. Thanks for coming and your selfies, girl! 🙂

Round two: Julie and her boyfriend Nicola – here Stephanie came to lend me a hand. She transfered Julie into a zipped open Skull-face and Nicola turned into a Clown with my help. We are in love with the end result, thanks so much for coming you guys!!

Last but not least: ATLANTIS-Crew

I had the great honour to be able to do the Atlantis Bar Lounge Restaurant Crew’s make-up! Of course with the lovely assistance of my favourite bodypainting artist: Stephanie Künzli ❤ Here’s our creations:

Thank you all so much for your trust! We had such a fun day yesterday thanks to you!


Stephie and Alex

check out Stephie’s website: http://www.stephaniesart.ch

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